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Hello to all the readers who want to lose those extra kilos you gained during Holi and Easter weekend…

My favorite desi DETOX tip:

Papaya and South Indian Yogurt Diet

Start your day late..wake up around 8-9 am

Breakfast: Eat lots of Papaya…

Lunch: South Indian Yogurt

Evening: Papaya

Dinner: South Indian Yogurt

Note: You can eat as much papaya and dahi you want..no restriction on quantity…but only stick to papaya and dahi…dont eat anything else)  If you still feeling hungry..keep eating papaya and dahi..

Also drink lots of Water….

Do it once in a week…and cleanse your system…or if you wanna lose those 2 kilos quickly..then do this back to back for 2 days.

South Indian Dahi Recipe

  1. Take any kind of yogurt you prefer and keep it separately
  2. In Separate pan, add some olive oil
  3. In olive oil add rai (mustard seeds) and wait for 5 seconds for it to sizzle
  4. To the above mixture add little bit chopped green chillies and Kadi Patta (Curry Leaves)
  5. Once the whole mixture is making that nice sizzling noise quickly add the mixture to the dahi….
  6.  Relish the yumm South Indian Dahi


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  1. Anandika says:

    Thanks for this super tip! Will get back to you with feedback! 🙂

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