Love Fashion….Meet the Gossip Girls of Delhi


Hello Readers….i am still very much into Gossip Girls…and it inclined me to do a story on the stylish girls in Delhi…who not only have fancy degrees but are very ambitious and chic in their dressing styles. So watch out for our desi Blaire, Serena and Vanessa

Nikita Vij, 22

Blogger (

Masters – Istituto Marangoni, London

Nikita Vij is an International Business graduate with masters in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management. Besides studying various courses in different countries and completing Masters Degree, has intensified her interest within various divisions of fashion & luxury sector. Her fervent study of the subject has enabled her to know the sector in depth and wish this to turn around in practical.

Style Statement: Fashion isn’t determined by its monetary value, but merely by the style ones soul is fed.

Kanishka Jain, 23

Parsons, Paris

Design & Management


Fashion is a feeling that is immortal. Creativity does not oblige you to have a degree, but just imagination and the eyes to see what others cant and what only you can sense and feel and I have felt it immensely. My approach to fashion is undemanding and understated but when the creativity takes to the air something beautiful has lit the spark. I believe in grace & sophistication at the same time fashion can be fierce.


                                                                   Roma Prabhakar, 26

Law Graduate

Fashion to me is the most important thing, I believe in “you are what you wear”, and always believe in dressing well. I believe accessorising is important thing to be kept in mind like shoes,watches,bags. An outfit is never complete without the proper accessories. Not only can it dictate the difference between a casual and a casual smart outfit, it also provides an opportunity to express your own personality and style.




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