No time to visit the salon or stuck at home and still want the gorgeous blow dry

Follow the mentioned tricks  and get an amazing blow dry at home….

  • Shampoo-Condition-Shampoo

Yes you heard it right, a perfect blow dry starts from the shower…most of us do not wash our hair enough to get the conditioner out..therefore shampoo first followed by conditioning of hair and again shampoo to get the conditioner out. Any residue of conditioner makes the hair limp.

  •  A perfect dryer

Use a dryer which has some kind of nozzle heat from hair dryer damages the hair.

  • Heat Protective Serum or Spray

After the shower, apply some heat protective serum or spray…use a good quality serum from Kerastase (they have different kinds depending on your hair type)

  • Type of Brush matters

After you towel dry your hair..divide your hair in to 8 sections and use oval or round to brush to give smooth finish to your hair

  • Rollers

Start blow drying your hair from the front while your hair is still wet..and move towards the back gradually. Once the front section is blow dried..apply two velcro rollers in the front section to add volume in the hair.

  • Pins

Now start blow drying your hair on the sides..keeping the nozzle of the blow dry pointed will prevent the hair from becoming frizzy. Once the area is dry.. loosely curl up the hair with your fingers and secure it with duckbill pins. This keeps a soft bend in hair without creating kinks.

  • Finishing Touch

Finish the back sections of your head, holding the brush horizontally and curling the hair toward your face now. Work your way through from left to right, making sure that no wet hair sits on top of dry hair as you’re going along. Drape sections over your shoulder to cool and set. To seal everything, flip your head over and mist on a flexible hairspray.


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