De-clutter Your Wardrobe


Are you stressed that you have no space to add the new goodies you just shopped? Or are you the person…who dreads opening the closet…whatever is the case…follow my 5 tips to organize your wardrobe….and it may help you de-clutter your life too… ¬†ūüôā

  1. Time is the Key: Figure out the best time in the day where you can devote 1-2 hours in order to organize the wardrobe. Put some peppy keep you in rhythm
  2. Empty out the Closet: Yes, you heard me have to totally empty out your closet in order to start the selection process. You will be surprised of the items which are stuffed in the back which you had completely forgotten about.
  3. Keep, Toss or Maybe: Start pilling your clothes neatly and doing so KEEP the clothes you wear, TOSS the ones you think you don’t need and put the MAYBE ¬†clothes in¬†separate¬†box if you are not able to decide about the wearability of the garment.
  4. Organize: Once you have selected about the clothes you them neatly in the wardrobe..leave lil ¬†bit space between the piles…it will help in making your wardrobe look neat
  5. Storage: Donate the TOSS Box and place the MAYBE box in proper storage place of your house. It is always good to label the boxes to make your life easier in future.

Voila…you have a clean and¬†organized¬†wardrobe

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