Color Me…

Okay folks…i am bored of my hair color…and want to go all out and experiment something cool.

So while researching what color will be right for me…i found out some cool information…i.e knowing your skin tone…if you just go with your fancy (Mine is to go all Blonde) you can end up looking washed out, tired, unnatural and older!

So lets do it right…

Step 1: What Skin Tone are you?
If you were born with black or brown hair, you will likely have warmer, earthy undertones in your skin like orange, brown, gold or orange-based red.

If you were born with blonde hair, you probably have cooler skin undertones like blue, green, pink or blue-based red.

Still confused how to figure out your skin tone: Look at a vein in your arm under natural light. If it appears green, then you have warm tones, if it is blue then you have cool-toned skin

Step 2: What colors will suit my skin tone?

Warmer undertones in their skin will look better with a warmer hair color, like golden blondes or honey browns.

Cooler undertones in their skin will look better with cooler hair colors, like ash blonde, black or auburn brown.

Step 3: Where to go for hair color?

Okay guys if you are making a major change in your hair..Please go to highly rated salon and do not experiment this at your home. You hair are precious so please let an expert handle them….


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