Cannes 2012: Day 4

The big-ticket movie on day four was John Hillcoat’s Lawless, which features Shia Lebeouf and Tom Hardy as Prohibition-era bootleggers, and also stars Guy Pearce and Jessica Hastain. Lawless, both violent and sentimental, got mixed reviews with some all out raves and at least a few slams (Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave it only two stars). But the film’s stars generated absolute hysteria on the Croisette. As Tom Hardy walked into the Martinez, hundreds of fans screamed with excitement

A few days after the main competition section of the festival was announced, a row erupted over the overwhelmingly male selection — none of the 22 films in competition have a female director (a departure from last year, when there were four female directors in competition). The controversy started after leading French newspaper Le Monde published a letter written by a group of feminists and supported by a French actor and two female film directors, which accused the festival selectors of sexism. But British director Andrea Arnold, who is currently serving on the Cannes festival jury, was dismissive of the charges. Speaking at a press conference, she said that gender shouldn’t be an issue when deciding a film festival selection. “I would absolutely hate it if my film was selected because I was a woman. I would only want my film to be selected for the right reasons and not out of charity because I’m female.”

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